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Wildwood has been supplying cutting edge solutions to a number of prestigious clients since 1989. We are not in this business for short-term gain, but believe in establishing long term relationships through trust, dedication and a full understanding of our clients' needs.

We offer a full service along all the stages from concept to completion : site survey, base plans, site feasibility analysis, design, full 3d drawing pack, budgets/tendering/cost management, choice of contractor to best fit the project, programme planning, site supervision and project management. For some clients, we take them from an empty box through all stages of the shopfitting process to a finished shop; for others, we work with their in-house design teams to create their vision of a fully finished project.

Have a look through our portfolio, and if you think we can help you - we'd love to talk!

tel: +44 (0)1628 626 443 . info@wildwood.co.uk